Thursday, July 1, 2010

A New Sickness & New Place to Volunteer

Monday June 7th, 2010

Sad because I am sick

Today I have found that I am sick again I will not post what is wrong with me because it is too embarrassing and awkward to let the world know but just know it hurts. However, I am over letting my sicknesses run this trip for me I am going to have fun. So when my teacher suggested we go to a doctor I decided to make it all a learning experience and an adventure to find a cure! Fortunately enough Christina who has become like my best friend and Carmen her teacher who is my teacher's best friend were able to join us on the adventure to find a doctor.

My I am going to just make this an experience face

One of the streets in Antigua

The sidewalks are very narrow only one person at a time

The sky was a bright blue!! I loved it and the clouds looked so fluffy

The cobble stone roads!! They ruin shoes!!!

The tuk tuks I will miss these the most I think

After we visited the first doctor she was really no help she didn't examine me or anything she just asked what's wrong and I told her what I thought was wrong and then just like that she gave me a prescription. She didn't even verify if I was right! So after seeing her, by the way the consultation was free, we headed to the hospital in Antigua to see if anyone there could help. They couldn't unless we waited for hours and hours which we didn't have time to wait so we had to just make do and go to the pharmacy and get the medication. All in all NEVER get sick in Antigua is the moral and if you do well GOOD LUCK!! Hahaha I almost feel like a homemade remedy from my host abuelita would have been more efficient, but whatever. I bought the medicine and 4 days later I was fine.

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

So Rigoberta Mechu was supposed to come to school today to give a talk and Danny & I were even possibly going to interview her but she had to cancel because things blew over on Guatemala City with the government. By blew over I mean that the Director of the CIGIG who is someone sent from the UN to help with the corruption in Guatemala decided to quit and before doing so he accused the Fiscal of Guatemala of being a corrupt man involved with drugs and what not. For those of you who do not know Guatemala has a problem with corruption within the government a former president is even up for trial because he stole a lot of money!! So everything within the government here is messed up and people are worried and they want proof!! The guy who was accused said he is NOT corrupt and he wants to see proof because what this man from the CIGIG said just tainted his reputation!! So it's a big controversy right now! And I am bummed that Menchu could not come to our school!!!

There was a ceremony at school today, it was like a Mayan ceremony and it had to do with protecting the school, and the workers and trying to make it so that they had new students so that people's jobs could be secure, so this was very interesting to see after lunch.

After school I went with a couple of other girls, Dr. Golsan, Danny & Sonia, to a Mujer Talk in Rainbow Cafe. I was actually very dissapointed by it because I thought it would be a talk about women in Guatemala, focusing on those women who had to sell their bodies, but it just didn't go very well. What it was, was more of an information talk about this Program called Mujer that empowers women who are or once were prostitutes, and don't get me wrong I think this is great but I feel it could have been presented in a less boring way. Eventually all that happened was that some former prostitutes were there and spoke for like 2 minutes tops about how grateful they were to Mujer, the end nothing much about life on the frontline as they called it, or how they were discriminated or why they needed to do this job or why they felt they were not empowered. So I thought it could be improved. But it was a bit interesting at time nonetheless to just hear how this place was helping these women.

The talk took place in Rainbow Cafe

This is the main woman who was presenting on Mujer

3 of these women were once prostitutes, the one on the far left i a child of a woman who was once a prostitute and she now works with Mujer

Michaelia Ruhl Purchasing Something to Support the Organization Mujer

Wednesday, June 11th, 2010

Uneventful Folks!! I was sick and needed sleep! So school home and bed!!!

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
We went to visit one of the sites that we are going to be volunteering at today. The site is a project in Jocotenango, really close to Antigua called Los Patojos, which means young ones here in Gautemala.

The site was so chaotic but the whole structure of the place is that it is just a place for the kids to get a meal, help with homework and then have fun. I think this is the site I want to work with if Nuestros Ahijados does not come through, apparently they have no need for volunteers it is so weird. When I went to visit a while back I remember the lady was very rude to my teacher and I and no one talked to us. But whatever there are so many other sites in which we can help so I am not worried at all. Dr. Golsan today talked about all the different options we have which are alot if you ask me.

Another fun thing that we did today was that we went over to Dr. Golsan's class for a cooking lesson. We learned to make Pepian, well sort of, we didn't really we just watched and some participated. But Nora's half sister's mom is a great cook and so she came by to teach us, Danny and I got there a little late I forget why but we did and so I just kinda sat in the back and talked to her great-granddaughter Ximena, who is such a sweet child and very smart.

Our cooking instructor!!

The sweet 7 year old Ximena

The whole group after the meal, which was delicious!!
This was a great day and I loved that unlike last time I had Pepian the amebas could not ruin it for me!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLL, the world cup is today!!!!!!!!!!! MEXICO!!!!!!!

The sky was clear today so on my way to school I was able to see the volcanoes on the other side very clearly. It was quite a view and I definitely love where Danny and I are living!!! Our host family is great and we have a great view!! It is a perfect distance from school too. Everyone here in Antigua is really excited for the Mundial--World Cup. The first game is going to be Mexico v South Africa and I know Mexico is going to win it this year we are going to go all the way and be champs!!! But everyone here hates Mexico and is going for South Africa!!!! Nooo!!! We'll see though I know Mexico has to win, I don't care if South Africa is hosting!!!!

If you look closely you can see that the volcano on the left has lava and burns from Pacaya's lava

Here is Agua, which is a water volcano

So Mexico let me down a little but it is okay it was a tied so it does not matter!!! I was very excited even though everyone was like it is like a loss which it's not at all!!! Today is Friday!!! and I love Fridays!! We are taking a trip to La Azotea, which is a place that has 3 different museums in one site but I will report on that once I am back!!

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