Friday, July 2, 2010

Macadamia Nut Farm!

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Fridays are great, they are actually my favorite day. I LOVE Fridays!!!!!

I get to watch presentations with my teacher and we talk and then at the end of that day we have a fieldtrip somewhere, so it is half a day of education in the classroom and the other half outside, not that class is ever dreadful.

I really enjoy the presentations because they are fun and I get to learn more about people and all the different topics they present. Today Danny made ponche, which is fruit-punch and he passed a sample out. My stomach hurt and I did not want to try it but boy am I glad I did it was delicioso!!! People were asking for seconds and I totally missed out on them.

Today we ended up visiting the macadamia nut farm which is an all organic farm with no electricity. Before we left however, some of the people in the group and I headed to a travel agency because we wanted to climb the Agua Volcano. I was not sure at first but Danny and everyone else convinced me and I joined the bandwagon.

Welcome to the Macadamia Nut Farm, Where everyday is Earth Day!!

Follow the beish, wood scrapped road to get to your tour guide!

Meet your tour guide!! He is friendly & loves to talk about the farm!

Our tour guide was the sweetest and most adorable man ever. haha. He was very nice and started the tour by telling us about the owner, who cam to Guatemala sometime in the 70's and then never went back to the United States. He talked about how great and beautiful Guatemala is and how we all needed to be careful so we didn't fall in love with it either. I think I am already in too deep with Guatemala, I love it so much already.

Anyway back to the tour, I learned that the macadamia nut farm is all organic and they actually have no electricity. So the people work when the sun comes out and then until sunset because of the lack of electricity. I was really impressed that the managed to make such a big farm running smoothly without any electricity. It feels like everything runs on electricity now a days but to see things like this it is just even more AMAZING!

First Stage: The Macadamia Nuts when they have been picked up and not filtered through yet!

Second Stage: Macadamia nuts are placed at the top and depending on their size they fall in the appropriate bag

Stage Three: This machine here, which I think cracks the macadamia nut shell but I forgot

After showing us some of the machinery that the employers worked with at the farm the tour guide talked to us about a very important room they had on the premises. According to the tour guide they had the most beautiful bathroom and everyone took pictures in it and love it. So obviously all of us got in line and wanted to see this beautiful bathroom. The bathroom was amazing and very relaxing!!!!!! Haha. There was plants everywhere and the color of the toilet and the sink fit well and created a relaxing ambiance.

The most beautiful bathroom in Guatemala

Of course Danny & I had to have a picture in the relaxing and beautiful bathroom!

After we all had to look at in the bathroom and took our pictures we all headed into the room next door, where we could buy chocolates with macadamia nuts, and macadamia nuts still in the shells along with macadamia nut products. We also all had the opportunity to get a face massages with an oil that had macadamia nuts as one of its main ingredients. Our tour guide said it would make us look ten years younger. I don't know how I felt about looking ten and goingt through teen years al over again so I opted out. Haha, actually I was too afraid of some stranger touching my face and near my eyes. I have this weird thing where I cannot have people touch my eyes or face it's too awkward and I also did not want to possibly get an allergic reaction. But there was many people who tried the face massages with macadamia nut oil and they loved it they felt rejuvenated!!!

Dr. Golsan getting a face massage!

While people were getting face massages and buying macadamia nuts and the products I went to explore outside because I saw these giants leaves that really liked. For some reason in Guatemala they have all these GIGANTIC Leaves that just fascinate me and I want to take pictures of and with. They also had a lot of plants and trees and just a beautiful garden with PUPPIES!!!! I love puppies and they were so cute!!

With the GIANT leaves!!

In the garden!! The flower matched my dress!

The cute little puppy! He was adorable and I wanted to bring him home!

Everything in the farm went fine but I was a little scared on our way going home because right before we left it started pouring!!! It was raining so hard and I freaked out! On our way to the Farm I forgot t mention we passed by some places that had been affected by the storm and we were able to see the damage and so on our way back we had to cross a bridge and it was raining and it was a little scary I will admit. I decided then that there was no way I was going to go to Agua were there was sinkholes and mudslides, I am adventurous but I am not dumb. When we got back to Antigua safe and sound we all headed to the travel agency and we were told there was no way we could get our money back that it had already been used and blah blah blah. I was so upset because $25 multiplied by 9 is $225 which equals to 1,800Q and there was no way they had already spent this money. The guys was so rude and ridiculous and we all felt and I still feel very ripped off, but whatever.

Later that day when we returned from the travel agency we headed to Christina and Rachel's host family's house and talked with Dr. Golsan, Sonia, Christina, and Rachel. It was a lot of fun and we got to bond with everyone. I was really stoked because I got to talk more with Dr. Golsan and so now she wasn't the director but she was also a friend and we could come to her with anything. Literally anything we sat there and talked about movies and about books and about our trip so far and the activities we had managed to get done and school, and it was just GREAT. So I would say that getting to know her more and her daughter Sonia as well is one of the highlights of the trip for me because they are so much fun!

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