Friday, July 2, 2010

The Last Week of School

This last week of school was a very intense week. My teacher and I were stressing out a little because I was upset they changed my classroom and I had to study outside instead of in a small classroom, the one which I had been in since I started school, and my new class was by the bathroom. However, I dealt with that and it was over and so I had two essays to prepare and a presentation. The presentation was not that bad because it was based on my final paper so I was not that worried and I just took Public Speaking so I am pretty much a pro...sort of.

Anyway my last essay was on Camp Okizu and why people should volunteer with them, and my final paper was on Francisco Marroquin, a very important man in Guatemala. He is almost like the founding father of Guatemala, and is honored by having his face printed on the highest amount of money which is the 100 Quetzal bill.

One of the greatest things about doing my presentation on this is that near Antigua is San Juan del Obispo which is a place that contains a museum which once used to be Marroquin's house!! In order to learn more about him my teacher and I traveled to San Juan del Obispo by Tuk Tuk and took a tour of the place. What I liked about the museum was that it was free and they only asked for you to leave a donation at the end and it did not matter how much you left. Currently the place is being used as a convent for nuns, which there are not many of them living there but they make delicious cookies. During the time we arrived we found out that the nuns were busy and so the gardener/maintenance guy said we were welcome to walk around and he could show us the different places. It turned out that this worked well to my advantage because I got to take pictures, sit on the couch and bed and do many things that you are not really allowed to do when the nuns are there.

Inside the tuk tuk!

Arrived at the Museum

My teacher outside the museum

One of the boards with information, all of the boards told a story as you walked around

The dining room table

Close up of the portrait in the back

The living room

Some of his belongings

Francisco Marroquin's Bed!!

The fountain outside!

My presentation went well, I got a very good score, a perfect score actually. My essay also received a perfect score and it was a few pages long. I could not tell his whole story or all of what I had learned in just 700 words. While the week was stressful it was also bittersweet. I was done with school and could have a little more fun and volunteer now but also I would not be seeing my teacher or anyone else. My overall grade in the class was an A and I just want to thank everyone at my school, PLFM who helped me with my final paper and presentation & my teacher as well. I had an amazing experience and look forward to one day returning to take more classes so that I can perfect my Spanish even more.

The Last Day & Our Last Picture

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