Friday, July 2, 2010

June 3rd--Woman Tertulia

Because many of our activities had to be canceled because of the weather, the storm and the volcano eruption, Dr. Golsan created a talk for women so that teacher's from our school could come to her house and talk to us about what life in Guatemala was like for them.

This activity was very interesting and definitely gave me a new outlook on how my life is so privilidged and different but also similar to theirs in a way. Some of the issues discussed in the talk was women in general, education and Machismo.

The talk was very interesting and hearing all of these women's stories was very empowering because they had a lot of obstacles to overcome but here they are still fighting and moving forward with their lives.

One of the greatest stories was Chrisitina's teacher Carmen's story who worked very young to make sure she could pay for her own education and even though her parents took most of her paycheck she would save up and hide her money and she managed to pay fr her own schooling. She worked for a long time at the pharmacy and learned very quickly all of the medicine and what it was for. I remember when I had amebas she definitely helped me a lot and knew what kind of medicine I needed. She was also able to read my prescription for me and so I did not have to pay 200Quetzales to have the doctor read it to me.

I was really happy that got to hear all of these women's stories and I was able to appreciate them that much more.

The Students and women who attended the Tertulia sobre la Mujer!

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