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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Okay so since the thirtieth I have been hoping to update my blog daily or every other day but it has been a complete failure. The Internet is not fast and I have to go home at some point and so I cannot wait forever for the pictures to upload but I am doing my best. So on Sunday it did not rain at all at least not during the daytime. Because I am a deep sleeper I often don’t hear whether it is raining at nighttime.

Our second Sunday in Guatemala was interesting. I was busy at home trying to finalize the details of my blog and little did I know that my roommate . . . well housemate actually . . . Danny would go wondering off and head to San Felipe and small town .62 miles from Antigua. Well Danny took off and walked over with his expensive Nikon camera, as you may now start to sum up that, white male, blue eyes, expensive Nikon camera and walking alone in a foreign land do not mix well. Danny was heading off to San Felipe because he wanted to go see the house that feel down the mountain because of the rain. He unfortunately was not able to do much because on his way there a man stopped him and asked him for 10Q and that later changed to 10$. When Danny told him he did not have any money the guy said well let’s go to your house so you can get it. Danny refused and told the guy he needed to get to San Felipe at this point the man said he would take him and lead him to where he needed to go. Thankfully Danny was able to make this man go away by fortunately meeting an old couple, in which the husband was a policeman. The policeman showed Danny around San Felipe and showed him some of the damages caused by storm, which were not as BIG if a deal as some other places.

Below are some of the damages caused by the storm in several different places!

The irish pub in Antigua had this sign up on Sunday!!! Hahaha

After Danny returned SAFELY from his little adventure he told me all about it and I freaked out a lot. It was so scary to think that something could have happened to him. It is not that Guatemala is a scary and dangerous place, but sometimes there are people who like to take advantage of others. Especially in these hard times people go a little nuts not just here but everywhere so it is better to just take the proper precautions.

During the story time Danny and I headed to the roof where we took this amazing picture of our view which features el volcán de agua—the water volcano—and apiece of La Merced, which is the yellow church you can see in the corner!

Below our amazing view of el volcán de agua and a piece of La Merced in the corner

After the story I got ready and we headed off to meet Christina, Rachel & Emily so we could all explore more of Antigua. We found all 3 of them at Frida’s a Mexican food restaurant. By the time we got there it was 12:30 and they were all already having a pitcher of margaritas (they are of age 21, even though in Guatemala technically it is legal at 18). At Frida’s we got some breakfast/lunch and all I can say is boy do I miss the Taco Truck and that small place called El Grullense on the corner almost of Alpine and West Lane!! Food is just not the same here unless it is Guatemalan food than it is delicious but other than that food is good but does not have the taste one is used to. After we had some food in our stomach we all headed off to explore more of Antigua.

Emily, Rachel. Me, Christina walking off to explore Antigua

Emily, Rachel. Me, Christina stopped to take a picture

During our exploring we found some other people fro our group!!

One of the many fountains in Antigua, this is by La Merced

Danny's Masterpiece, this is a part of La Merced reflected on a puddle

Corn on a grill with lemon and salt is my kryptonite!

Guy singing outside a store with his guitar!!

We stopped by a place called La Bodegona which is like a chaotic Walmart almost in the sense that it has a lot of stuff and it seems to be cheap everyone seems to shop there, well not everyone but a lot of people. La Bodegona was on our way to the Artisan Market and el Mercado—the market—which is like a flea market in the United States but with a section for used clothes and shoes, and a section with new stuff. One of the things that we saw in the Mercado was that there are movies that are really cheap here, and they are burnt movies of course so maybe illegal copies but I do not really know so do not quote me on that. I bought an umbrella for 20Q which I mistakenly thought I would need for the rain—it hasn’t rained since Saturday only late late at night, which is common here because it is wintertime.

Below Some of the things you will find in La Bodegona

Cow Pajamas

Mickey Mouse Bottom Cup

Just a little side note boy do Guatemalans know how to have a great wintertime, it is not raining, and it is almost like summer. But in talking with my host family a while back we learned that the seasons are not very common and very set anymore because Guatemala has been greatly affected by the climate change.

So in addition to el Mercado we saw the artisan market, I really hope I am spelling this right! But in the market there was many goodies like the ones in San Antonio, and some were even cheaper than the stuff we bought in San Antonio. At this point Danny and I had had enough of being taken advantage of and so we haggled. I was proud of Danny because he bought a Brazil Soccer ball at 60Q which is almost 8$ and the people had started the prize at 150Q so he did really well!! One of the things that I noticed was that by walking away people keep lowering the prices so that was interesting.

Fountain in the Artisan Market

Standing by a fountain in the Artisan Market

El Mercado!!

After spending a long time in the market I was exhausted and I was hungry because it was dinnertime. We were not sure where to eat but finally settled on a taco place called tacontento—he’s content—this is the English translation but I am not sure how it would properly work in English, the saying I mean. My experience in this restaurant was not the best one, when we went into the bathroom to wash our hands there was no running water and so they had a little bucket with dirty water so we could rinse our hands. In the end Rachel and I used the nasty water and ran out of there screaming because we were very grossed out. I was so thankful that before leaving Danny’s mother—Patty—had given me some hand sanitizer I used a whole lot of that to get that horrible dirty feelings out of my hands.

All in all Sunday was a great day with many small adventures and a sunny day! After this Sunday it has not rained during the day except for the night time, oh wait on Friday it rained for about 10 minutes and then it stopped completely.

And finally on Sunday my amebas were all gone!!!!! Yay!!!

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