Tuesday, June 22, 2010

San Felipe & Nuestros Ahijados

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
School is going great so far my teacher, Aurora and I take the afternoons for fieldtrips!! I love it!!! Because I get to learn more about Guatemala and the culture! Today we headed of to El Proyecto Nuestros Ahijados, this is the place where we are supposed to volunteer.

Before we headed off she had me write some questions down to interview the people about the project and what not this reminded me of my HS Days when I was in Mr. Bott's journalism class and I remembered how much I liked it. I think I might actually consider a career in journalism, a great Professor (Dr. Maria Garcia-Sheets), once told me I should not limit myself to being a lawyer, and its true there are so many other things I am good at and with journalism I can be a voice for the people.

When we got to Nuestros Ahijados it was very difficult to get someone to sit for an interview because they were very busy, it was a bit frustrating but also understandable since a lot of their volunteers were in Ciudad Vieja helping with the cleaning of the city that got destroyed by the storm. So what I did learn about the project was that it is a Dream Center for Malnourished Children but this is something I knew before visiting the place. In end there was no tour available and no one to interview so my teacher and I walked around the center and talked to a couple of kids.
In the entrance of the project there is an altar for La Virgen Maria

Some of the children at the project

The trashcans in the projects are like different animals

One of the buildings of the projects

There are a lot of trees and plants in the project

Some of the plants looked like animals

The roofs have tiles and one of them had part of my name!

There was a playground for the children, my favorite was the seesaw

Tree house/slide was a great hit with this little boy

One of the little fountains, in the shape of an elephant

One of the cute little children who was very welcoming, She loved Aurora

She also loved taking pictures, and wanted one with me!

After we visited Nuestros Ahijados my teacher decided that it was better if we went to see the Catedral in San Felipe. It was a big building with more of a Gothic look, according to my teacher. I have never been into architecture, so I have no idea. The cathedral had a variety of different altars, but my favorite was the one for La Virgen Maria. We stayed there for a long time and in the mean time April's teacher stayed for a while to pray, and then we all just chatted. We were in the cathedral for such a long time that we lost track of time and then we realized that we had to go back to school because it was almost four thirty.

La Catedral en San Felipe

Cross in front of the Catedral

Inside La Catedral

One of the altars

The Main Altar in La Catedral

La Virgen Maria has her own altar in La Catedral, it was my favorite

After leaving the cathedral Aurora and I talked about how important religion is to many people in Guatemala. Because we were running late and we were all a little exhausted from the walking so we took a chicken bus back to Antigua. Which by the way for those people who do not know what a chicken but it is a School Bus from the States that has been spray painted or painted over in bright colors. The one we were riding on our way to Antigua said North Carolina on it, and when I asked the driver he said that is where it came from, North Carolina so that was very cool. Thinking of how the buses were sent here made me think of all the things I no longer use at home and how I could send them here and people would find use for them. I think I may do that when I get home go through all of my stuff and send to my host family and teacher things that I no longer use but that are still good.

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