Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, June 1, 2010

By Monday it seemed like everyone had amebas and was going to be sick, on Monday Danny found out that he too had amebas and a stomach infection. He was not happy at all at the news of this. He was actually a little upset especially when he had to pay for the medicine and proceeded to tell me of the scam he had thought up in his head. According to Danny he had no amebas and no bacteria instead we were all being lied to and being given sugar pills because we were tourist and that way the Guatemalan people could have our money. This was of course not true but he was angry and upset that his money was gone just like that. You see medicine is like a luxury here. In addition, someone in our group even had a tape worm which once I was told what it was I became terrified that I might get one. So far I am tapeworm free.
On Mondays for school we have a cultural diary due to Dr. Golsan and it is where we write a page or more about a cultural experience we have had in Guatemala. In my diary I wrote about the vendors and about the little girl on the street that had shown me how lucky I was and had been as a child to never have to work to earn money to help my parents. Once the diary was turned in after lunch my teacher and I headed to the market with Christina and her teacher. I am not sure if I mentioned this yet but my teacher’s name is Aurora and she has 3 children and a husband named Henry who works with the police department in Antigua. She is very nice and funny and she cares a lot about me. I absolutely love her!!
Due to the rain my shoes actually fell apart and ripped, so my teacher decided we would take a trip to the market and get me a new pair of shoes. Before we all left to the market we stopped at this café and a bought a chocobanano, which is a frozen banana dipped in chocolate.
Once we were in the market we looked around for a while and we bumped into Rachel and here teacher, Marco, along with Danny and his teacher Sergio. We all walked around for 2.5 hours my feet hurt so much afterwards. I think everyone’s feet hurt and we were all soo tired.
One final thing that happened to me on Monday was that I learned about chinitas, which are these seeds that when you squeeze them the curl up it is the weirdest feeling. Also by the way I just need to mention that bugs in Guatemala are huge and so are leaves and everything! But Monday was a fun and tiring day.
PS Meals at my host family’s house are very interesting and fun! I LOVE our new family!!!

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