Monday, June 14, 2010

Cerro de la Cruz y un Poco de Maximón!

This is picture of the three volcanoes can you spot them?! View from our house on our way to school that day!!!

Tuesday was a FUN and jumping filled day!!! After our break on Tuesday we walked over to El Cerro de la Cruz. For this trip we had to have policemen accompany us to the top of the hill because there are some robberies that occur there when people travel there on their own.

Can you spot the policemen hiding in the bushes?! Haha

The walk to El Cerro de la Cruz was loooooonnngggg. Danny and I ended up walking back to where we originally lived in Colonia Candelaria. The step to the top where very weird and it was a bit tiring but I was the first one up there!!! It was exciting because that meant I was not so out of shape.

All of Antigua has cobble stone walkway!!

With the two Christinas right before our walk up to El Cerro

Once we were at the top it was picture galore!!! Everyone was taking pictures left and right. There was posing pictures, random pictures, jumping pictures, laying down pictures and just pictures!!

I was one of the first people up there actually the first tied with Christina E.

My first picture up there!!

More of a close up!! Cross and the volcano in the background as well!!!

One of the jumping pictures!!

Danny and I in El Cerro de la Cruz!!

I gave Danny a piggy back ride!!!

He had to give me one as well!!! haha

Goofy Jumping Picture!!! I almost fell on my face!

After many failed attempts we finally jumped at the same time!!

Dr. Golsan also joined in on the jumping fun!!!!

El Cerro de la Cruz is a like a meadow with a giant cross at the top and it has an AMAZING view of Antigua and the water volcano. Being up there was amazing I could see a lot of green and a small town/city. It was actually breathtaking and the air was so clean up there t even smelled a little of pine which reminded me of Camp Okizu!!! Which by the way when I get back I get to volunteer in again for 9 days this time at the SIBS camp!!!

Anyway, back to Guatemala, I will never be able to explain how it felt to be up there, I mean it wasn’t something way out of the ordinary but it felt amazing and almost like I was on top of the world, or Antigua actually. There were a couple of places that Danny and I could recognize from the top.

Can You Spot Danny and Me?

My Teacher Aurora & me!

My BFF on the trip Christina and I

Later that night after class our host family, Danny and I talked about Maximón—a half saint, half devil—figure that many people on Guatemala adore and worship. Our family told us how the people who believed in him would drink and smoke cigars along with burning candles of different colors depending on what you need. We also learned that many prostitutes go to Maximón and ask for men to want them so they can have more work. Many people think of Maximón as an evil thing and black magic. However, others see him as just a mixture of the Mayan culture and Christianity.

After the talk about Maximón I was a little freaked out and scared at night when I was going to bed. That night at about 5AM my dad called me worried about the Volcano eruption and the storm and asked me to call my mom to let her know I was okay. I also talked to him about Maximón and he explained to me that I had nothing to be worried about. He said I was here to learn about the culture and so I could go visit Maximón and observe the people but he said as long as I had faith in God I had nothing to fear. So that eased my uneasiness and I was able to sleep better.

This is Maximón

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